Kind words from some of our clients

It was in 2008 that my professional career crossed paths with Lucinda. We were working together as part of the Clinical Nursing team within the Operating Suites. During this time, I watched as Lucinda expanded her portfolio beyond the realms of clinical nursing within the operating theatre into Life Coaching. Lucinda seamlessly set up her newly founded business as a successful Life Coach. I watch on in awe as she set about transferring her new skills and incorporating them into her clinical practice. In 2012 I sustained a workplace injury that would have ramifications beyond my wildest dreams. Along side an incredible Clinical Support Team I sought out the professional guidance of Life Coach. For this I wanted to utilize an established Life Coach and someone who understood Healthcare. Lucinda fitted the criteria perfectly. We have worked together now, as coach and student, for a period of time. With Lucinda’s guidance & encouragement I have been able to make incredible changes, some subtle some and some not so, that have seen my life flourish in ways I had not thought possible. For this I am eternally grateful. Thank you Lucinda
Meredith Ford (RN)
Lucinda Jones is an amazing life coach. She is honest and real in everything she teaches. I first met Lucinda when her daughter started dance. I was young and sometimes didn’t understand why things wouldn’t be working out the way I wanted. Last year (2015) I was full-time dancing and running my own business. Before life coaching I was easily stressed about things I could not change. Oh how Lucinda has changed my life in this aspect majorly. I have become a more confident and mindful teacher. I have learnt all about the archetypes of humans. I have taken a whole new approach to positive mindsets and the energy I put forward. Lucinda inspired me to study mindfulness and meditation. I couldn’t imagine my life without Lucinda's teachings and I am so in love with learning and growing and being the best I can be for me and others I surround myself with. Thank you Lucinda you are more appreciated then you know.
Kiah Muddle
Owner / Principal  - I Dance Performance Co
I came across mindfulness about 12 months ago now when I was helping Lucinda on something else and we started a conversation around this. Lucinda asked if I was interested in having life coaching and mindfulness training and would I like her support with this.  I was very excited at this prospect.  I was currently struggling with life and work difficulties, I was emotionally feeling lost at the time. Lucinda supported and guided me through many challenges she showed me ways of truly being self aware and getting to know my inner self. I have grown in confidence and have found now these challenges and difficulties can be changed to positive and rewarding pathways to a fulfilling and meaningful life. I am much more grounded and value and respect my inner self for the teachings and support of Lucinda and mindfulness. It has transformed all aspects of my life.
Joanne Purdue (RN)
Registered Nurse / New Graduate Nurse Educator